We offer both Low Moisture and Dry cleaning upholstery cleaning (see below)

  • Use Our Professional upholstery cleaning services to clean all types of upholstery.

  • We clean delicate fabrics including silk and velvet

  • Chair, couch and sectional cleaning

  • Head board and foot boards for beds (no matresses)

  • Stain removal/ pet stain removal including oils from skin and fur

  • Odor removal/ smoke removal

  • Enzyme treatment for pet accidents

  • Natural detox and sanitation

Type-s Dry upholstery Cleaning  (waterless)
Type-s Dry upholstery Cleaning  (waterless)

Upholstery Cleaning Services

For S-Type upholstery cleaning codes

Waterless for delicate fabric that can no be cleaned with water based products

Prevent water stains

Dry upholstery cleaning is not organic

Dry upholstery Cleaning

Low moisture upholstery Cleaning

For w- type and ws-typeupholstery cleaning codes

Hand brushed cleaning (with specialized soft brushes)

Organic Foam


  • Safe for Babies, Senior & Pets

  • Odorless ( no toxic vapors)

Does not cause mold and mildew

Prevents re-soiling

Drys within a hour or two (depending on fabric)

Upholstery Cleaning Code Guide

  • W- Wet Water based cleaning (distilled water is best)

  • S- Solvent Water based cleaning is not recommended as It could leave water marks or could damage the fabric

  • WS Wet and solvent-Low moisture professional cleaning is recommended depending on fabrics

  • X-No cleaning vacuum only

  • D-Dry-Clean Only